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I think I paid about 70 something dollars to have my machines delivered but then was told I wouldn't be getting my washer and dryer for at least a couple weeks as the years went by I came on hard times I was trying to collect money from previous employers nobody was paying me my job wasn't paying me what I was supposed to get I was waiting for a new company to hire me then Harvey hit I try to get several times with Select Laundry I talk to their customer service and their Collections and told him my situation they said whenever you get a chance make a payment so I called Select Laundry Select Laundry says okay you can make a payment on the 12th which would be $200 they would waive the fees for me I get home today and my washer and dryers been picked up they gave a contract to the complex saying that they have a right to go into my apartment but didn't give me one I had to clean up my whole apartment they even took some of my clothes do not use them they don't care if you fall on Hard Times They don't care if you were in a hospital or whatever happened to you they are nothing but a bunch of *** with their head up their *** if you live in two apartment and they tell you to call Select Laundry don't do it you will get screwed like I did they're nothing but a bunch of liars and Crooks

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Laundry Dryer Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Your complaint is difficult and frustrating to read due to the lack of punctuation.

You also gave us little to no background regarding the contract which apparently must exist since you can't seem to walk away from this.

It is not incumbent upon a business to provide you free, full value service indefinitely while you exhaust your supply of excuses.

Did you even read whatever you signed ?

You've been using this service for years - why ?

You could easily have had the situation under control from the beginning by buying (and paying for) your own equipment and doing your own laundry.

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